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Founding members of the Puerto Rican Cultural Society of Charlotte at the Puerto Rican Tertulia, July 26, 2008, Charlotte, NC.
From left to right: Jorge Morán, Licy Matias, Judy DeSalle, Carmen Grajales, Marian Grajales, Roberto Cruz, Maggie Giraud, Maria Williams, seated: Lillian White and Maria Cruz (not in the picutre: Jerry Giraud, Evelyn Cruz, Lillian Laureano, Augie Vizcarrondo)

About Us

Welcome to our webpage.  The Puerto Rican Cultural Society of Charlotte was founded in 2008.  Its main focus is to preserve and promote the Puerto Rican culture through our cultural, social and educational programs.  it is our desire that through our programs, we can enrich the lives of Puerto Ricans living in the Carolinas as well as share and develop awareness about our culture with the entire community.  We respect and invite all other cultures to participate with us in our desire to celebrate diversity and bring our communities together.


The Puerto Rican Cultural Society of Charlotte’s mission is to preserve, promote and build cultural awareness about the strength and vibrancy of the Puerto Rican people through education, community outreach and empowerment.

Our Logo

The beautiful flamboyan tree is found throughout the island of Puerto Rico.  As the colorful and abundant branches of the flamboyan are spread out in majestic beauty, so are the Puerto Rican people, sharing the beauty, richness and colorful culture of Puerto Rico.  Like its roots are planted firmly in Puerto Rican soil so are our traditions and customs.  The Puerto Rican flags are displayed in sign of pride.  The red, white and blue in the letters are the colors of both the United States and Puerto Rico flags.  The circle symbolizes Puerto Ricans around the world.